August/September 2021 Editor’s Letter

by Marianne Long

“To say that we’ve seen the last of Covid would be an overstatement. I, for one, though, am optimistic that, by the time you’re reading this Editor’s Letter (which by the way was written at the start of July), we’ll have seen the last of lockdowns and the likes.

“Still, this optimism is modest, unassuming. For when making predictions in matters of Covid, one must always, always, be ready to eat their own words. As Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society, remarks in this edition: “Covid has been, and continues to be, one of the most contrary viruses we have ever faced. [ … ] What we thought we knew when the pandemic first started has been repeatedly surpassed.”

Credit: Jacqui Morley.

“As usual at this time of year, this is edition is a double issue. All of us at Handy Mag HQ, in Malton, are longing for a much-needed break and some R&R; so you won’t be hearing from us until September. But you don’t have to say bye: you can stay up-to-date on local going-ons and what-nots through our website and social media channels.

“We’ve also launched a new fortnightly newsletter—namely, Handy Digest—which contains a curated selection of the various bits-and-bobs that we haven’t been able to fit into the Handy Mag, and more. To sign up, head over to

“I hope you all have a great Summer, and please stay in touch: we love hearing from you, our readers, and appreciate your input above all else. Our magazines are your magazines, and we want you to enjoy reading them as much as we do publishing them.”

Marianne Long, Handy Mag Editor

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