A Busy Q1 at Ryedale Free Fridge

by Jared Smith

Lockdown in January wasn’t going to stop activities at Ryedale Free Fridge in Malton.

There were plenty of food donations and volunteers willing to help distribute the fresh food to those who wanted it. In fact, the total weight of food redistributed in the first three months this year has been 7,613 kilograms—if you can, picture that number of kilogram bags of sugar to give some idea of just what that looks like! The outreach pantry at Peasey Hill has also had a spring makeover; it’s named for Edi who is very proud to be helping out.

Donations of food are also coming from Community Smart through the Fareshare scheme, supported by many of the larger food supermarkets. If the food doesn’t fit our usual offering, we make sure it goes to a good home. We received a quantity of dry pasta in broken packets, which we were able to re-direct to a playgroup, and some commercial packs of muffin mix that we will bake. Although we’ve had plenty of offers, sadly we are not allowed to accept food donations from home bakers or registered businesses who have food hygiene ratings below 4/5.

Once lockdown is over and people can come and stay a while at the Fridge to meet friends and chat, we hope to offer teas and coffees like we used to do. Currently, though, this doesn’t look likely before June.

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