A Day in the Life of a Veterinary Nurse

by Station House Vets
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By Station House Vets

Many people don’t know what vet nurses do, we are thought to spend our day cuddling kittens and puppies. That is part of the job (one of the best parts!) but it’s so much more.

We’re there from the beginning, helping you choose the best pet that will fit into your family, or reviving puppies after a Caesarean section.

We meet your newest family member for vaccinations, weight checks, puppy/kitten clinics, to keep up to date with their flea and worm treatment, to answer all your questions.

If your pet ever needed surgery, we’ll admit them in the morning, explain what will happen, reassure you that we will look after them.

We’ll place a catheter, take blood samples and run tests.

We sit with them and monitor your pet under anaesthetic, and during recovery, to ensure that they are comfortable and encourage them to eat and drink when they are ready. We talk you through all the home care and show you how to give medications, and often call in the days following surgery to make sure you and your pet are coping.

We set up fluid lines, which can be vital in making your animals better.

We calculate fluid deficits and monitor the administration of fluid therapy.

We bath bottoms when needed and clean up countless volumes of wee and poo.

We trim nails, express anal glands and trim out matts.

We scrub into surgery, assisting and undertaking procedures accompanied by the veterinary surgeon.

We bandage just about anything and then re-bandage when these get chewed off!

We position for and take X-rays of the chest, abdomen, limbs, mouth etc. We scale and polish teeth and advise on dental care.

We talk to you about nutrition, enrichment, toileting, training, behaviour, and husbandry. We look at urine, faeces, skin, hair, blood under the microscope and see some pretty creepy looking parasites.

We clean…..a lot! Bowls, instruments, beds, kennels, tables, floors, walls, theatre, disinfecting and sterilising to stop infection.

We drop everything in an emergency to help save a life. We smile, laugh, cry and grieve with you. We hold hands and paws at the end and treat those that have crossed the rainbow bridge with respect. We take paw prints for you to keep forever, sometimes multiple times until we get one that’s perfect.

We love our job and would definitely recommend it to others.


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