A Library of Things, Malton & Norton

by Handy Mag

Did you know the average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its lifetime?

The Library of Things will mean you can borrow items from a library of equipment to achieve that project you can’t afford, or would only use the stuff you’ve bought the once, then you hide it out of sight. Perhaps you want to strip wallpaper, sand a floor, have a party, camp with the family or lay a patio?

Lindsay Wrightson, facilitator, said: “We will recycle donated equipment and will accept equipment in a good safe condition for domestic projects, that you will never use again—someone will have a use for it. Don’t throw it away in landfill. The team will check it and lend it out with instructions, insurance and training where necessary, for minimal cost. This makes for a greener, sharing community.”

How can you help? Lindsay said: “We are a new team working to make this happen—we need volunteer helpers, and people who will help lead the project. If you would like to find out more please just send your email and we will contact you with opportunities.

“We are also currently exploring options for a small, dry, safe venue in Malton or Norton to store our collection, with people accessing it only twice weekly. Please let us know if you have the perfect idea.

“Help us to help you and our community towards completing those projects, de-cluttering homes and creating a sharing community.”

To get involved, let the team know what you think and tell them what you’d like to borrow. Just drop the team an email at libraryofthingsmn@gmail.com.

Cutting a hedge with electrical hedge trimmer. Selective focus

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