A Very Magical Adventure

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A Very Magical Adventure gives new hope to out of work actors who have suffered financially and psychologically throughout lockdown.

A Very Magical Adventure was launched during the pandemic and offers families a fun, interactive experience that would enable children to find the light through the dark times. As well as lifting the spirits of families in York, A Very Magical Adventure has also provided much needed jobs for out of work actors who have suffered financially and psychologically throughout the pandemic since March 2020.

‘Many sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic in 2020 and we wanted to do our part in providing opportunities for professional actors in the local area, it’s key that we don’t loose these talents from our society. Through A Very Magical Adventure we wanted to give our cast the opportunity to put their stamp on our scripts and story lines. All of the actors are given a character and script outline, they then free flow from here to create an ever-evolving experience, reacting to what is going on around them throughout the tour in full character.’ Says A Very Magical Adventure.

Daniel Wilmot, who plays St Nicholas in ‘A Very Magical Christmas’ tells us “a lot of people who go into theatre do so because they lack self-assurance in face-to-face life, and the stage gives them a world where they can shine and show their true selves with confidence. After twenty years on stage, losing live theatre has felt very much like losing a deep, vital piece of myself, as well as the difficulties thrown up by work avenues suddenly being closed off. I was fortunate enough to have taken a day job prior to the first lockdown so was able to get a little money from furlough, but I know other performers – friends – who were not so lucky. Either way, the loss of theatre this year has hit hard, financially and psychologically.”

“Writing and performing the tours over Halloween, and now going into the Christmas run, it has been wonderful to get back in touch with a live audience, seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when they get invested in the stories we’re telling them, and knowing that once again we’re able to use our gifts as performers to help make their day, and their season. And personally, acting again has felt like reconnecting with that part of me I haven’t seen in a long time. It feels wonderful” says Daniel.

Amy Lawrence who plays Alicia Dimsight, an eccentric seer, prophetess and potions mistress, recently graduated from drama school and has found 2020 a particularly challenging year. “Working within the arts industry has probably never been harder than it has in this past year, especially with all the negativity and those ‘find a new career’ posters. Being told that acting ‘isn’t a proper job’ is so cruel and effects so many people’s mentality, but for me it only fuels me to keep developing my craft and proving people wrong.”

“Finding A Very Magical Adventure was like finding gold, I like to think immersive theatre is my expertise, having previously worked at the Hallowscream event at York maze and Lapland Safaris in Finland. I can’t wait to be doing the tours in December and leading people through this wonderful experience. It will be a breath of fresh air where people can forget the real world and delve into a festive magical adventure, I’ve prophesied that we’ll all be having a ball!” says Amy.

Beth Scott, who plays Headmistress Agatha Shipton, had find a new job to support herself financially through the pandemic. “Previous to my role with A Very Magical Adventure I worked at the theatre full time, but due to the pandemic, our doors shut and we haven’t opened since. To support myself financially I had to seek other employment in the meantime and came across this opportunity. I’m so proud to be a part of the community we have created within our cast at A Very Magical Adventure and even prouder to be a part of supporting such a wonderful cause with Frank’s Fund, the charity A Very Magical Adventure is helping to raise funds and awareness for.”

“The pandemic has been challenging, with the uncertainty of financial stability and job security, but it’s given me clarity on what’s really important, which is physical and mental health. Knowing there’s children out there unable to access certain treatments available for cancer has been the driving force for getting this tour off the ground. To create something fun, and joyous for families during Christmas, where usually I would be gearing up for the panto season, has certainly softened the blow of the pandemic leading to theatre closures. My favourite part of it all is seeing the children’s (and parents!) faces throughout the experience and seeing them escape from all the darkness of the real world and simply, enjoy for a moment” says Beth.

A Very Magical Adventure is a live, interactive theatrical quest with magical spell casting and a fun, festive afternoon tea. ‘A Very Magical Christmas’ launches on Saturday 5th December and embraces this beautiful season full of magic and excitement and will take you on an adventure through the spirit of Christmas. With spells and sparkle at every turn and even a visit from old St Nicholas himself, you can give your Christmas wish to his elves and hear tales of yore.

‘A Very Magical Christmas’ will be running from 5th December till Christmas Eve.  Suitable for kids aged 2-99 and dressing up is encouraged! The full experience lasts around 2 hours.

Tickets include outdoor interactive theatrical quest, magic school, gift from Santa and indoor theatre cafe with festive afternoon tea. Tickets start at £17.95, to book visit A Magical Adventure online booking office.

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