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Ace Arboriculture

by Handy Mag

by Ace Tree Services

Yorkshire-based company Ace Tree Services, owned by business owner Chris Chandler, has been providing tree surgery, hedge trimming and stump removal to the York and North Yorkshire area for over a decade.

Tree surgery, a specialised craft, encompasses tasks ranging from pruning and maintenance to cutting back and cutting down, to planting new trees. Chris explained: “We are experienced in all aspects of tree and hedge care and can provide advice on any potential future issues that might arise”.

There are many reasons you need to keep your trees and hedges in shape. A tree may need cutting down and removing if it is damaged or diseased, or if it has become overgrown and poses a hazard, then tree topping can be the solution. Ace Tree Services can also remove unsightly stumps quickly from trees that have already been removed with minimal effect on the surrounding area. Regular maintenance of trees and hedges through pruning helps encourage new growth by removing dying branches, also helping to protect nearby property and avoid possible hazards on public walkways.

When it comes to tree care, Ace Tree Services adheres to the highest industry standards. Every task, whether its tree cutting and removal, tree topping, or stump removal, is carried out in strict accordance with BS3998 standards. This commitment ensures that their work not only meets but exceeds the regulations set by the British Standards Institute, all while being considerate of the impact on your property and the surrounding environment.

Chris continued: “We ensure that all waste materials are taken away, recycled and reused. We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint to make a positive impact on the environment”.

Ace Tree Services provide arboriculture services to the whole of Yorkshire. To see photos of their recent tree work and more, visit their website at www.acetreeservices.co.uk. To get in touch, please call Chris on 07749 284488 or 01904 626638.

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