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With Beauty Galore’s stylish silk flowers and artificial plants

Lesley-Marie, the founder of Beauty Galore has hand-picked collection of artificial flowers and plants that look as if they have been “picked from the garden”. Using only quality materials, including silk for the flowers, these realistic blooms add a pop of colour to any room or office all year long.

There’s an ever-rotating stock of stems, bouquets, garlands and centrepieces, including all the favourites such as peonies, lavender, eucalyptus sprigs and roses (which you can enjoy even when they’re not in season!).

Save time and money – there’s no plant maintenance required or the need to keep replacing real flowers. Instead, you’ll have long-lasting colour and greenery without the hassle.

Lesley-Marie is passionate about artificial flowers and dedicates her time to sourcing the best, and most realistic, from around the world. And it’s not just flowers, but also artificial succulent plants in trendy pots, palms, ivy garlands and even bamboo trees – all of which make eye-catching additions to your home or office.

Simply visit Beauty Galore’s online shop, choose your favourite, and it will be delivered straight to your door. NEW for this year too are Beauty Galore’s letterbox artificial flowers, which make ideal gifts for friends and relatives.

Flowers for events, weddings & businesses

Beauty Galore help decorate events, such as weddings, with flowers, table centrepieces and ivy garlands. They also supply and hire out low-maintenance artificial plants and flowers for window displays, tables and décor.

Choose from a range of different colours and designs on Beauty Galore’s online shop

Or, if you have any questions, call Lesley-Marie on 07548794587.

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