Advice for all patients with dental problems

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Call your usual or most local dentist

There will be an answerphone message or a contact who will be able triage your call. Triage means they will assess your problem in terms of urgency.

This triage system ensures that only patients really needing to see a dentist can do so. There are currently, at the time of writing, only limited practices open to deliver urgent dental care. Access to these practices is by referral from a triage dentist.

We are still currently advising most patients who have broken teeth to use temporary dressings which may be purchased from your emergency dentist, local pharmacist or online. There are also kits for the temporary recementation of crowns.

We would recommend firstly though that you call the dentist as in certain circumstances we do not recommend the placement of temporary dressings or loose crowns.

The Triage dentist will be able to discuss your problem and advise you on how best to reduce your symptoms. They are able to prescribe antibiotics if the clinical history indicates their use. Please note there is a strict national protocol regarding the prescription of antibiotics. They will also organise a referral for Urgent Care should it be required.

For more information go to our practice Facebook page (Howardian Dental) and see the information on the 26th of March and google links there. The York phone number listed is for patients of a small number of private practices who are operating as a separate hub so please use your regular dentist as the first port of call.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the practice as soon as possible.

Dr Christine Parker BDS

We are conveniently located at 11 Alan Farnaby Way, York Rd Business Park, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6PG
t: 01347 878111

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