Age Is Not a Disease

by Ryedale Vets
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by Anna Tilley RVN SQP, Ryedale Vets

Our pets are our responsibility, from being a puppy or kitten right through to their more senior years, and their care needs may increase somewhat, particularly in these latter years.

We perform a full health check at your pet’s annual vaccination, but are you concerned over any little niggles in between times for your senior cat or dog?

Perhaps they are a little stiff after sleeping or exercise. They may be licking their joints or not as sociable as they used to be, or maybe they are drinking a little more than usual? Maybe all is well, but you would like them to have a quick ‘once over.’

We hear the line: “They are fine they are just old” a lot in practice. Just like us humans, you may find things begin to change and slow down as your pet ages, however we can help prevent or relieve many issues. Age must not be viewed as a problem in itself. If we pick up on any little concerns early, it is often possible to slow down progression and help with any discomfort.

In February we are offering free nurse clinics for senior cats and dogs over 7 years old, where one of our RVNs will go through a checklist and discuss any concerns about general care, diet, mobility etc. We also invite you to bring in a fresh urine sample from your pet if you are able where we can do a basic check for any potential issues. These clinics are very much a general check-up of otherwise healthy senior pets, and a vet appointment will be required for any specific issues or concerns.

We are here for your pets right from the beginning to the end, and we love to see them all, especially those golden oldies, enjoying and living their life to the full. So remember, prevention and early detection is always better than cure.

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