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at Butterwick Alpaca Retreat

We are Chris and Anna Ramsay!

Chris has always worked in construction, and I have a background in childcare. As the years go by sometimes you have a craving to tip life on its head and try something completely new, not to mention unexpectedly different!

Suddenly we have found ourselves in our 50s, working harder than ever yet achieving the greatest sense of purpose, turning 6 acres of barely used agricultural land into a peaceful sensory farming environment. We are predominantly an alpaca farm with breeding females that have the most gorgeous babies (crias), and we have trained our calm and inquisitive pet male alpacas to walk on halters with leads to provide an amazingly relaxing trekking experience here along the country lane for children and adults of all ages to enjoy. It is well documented that these gorgeous sensitive animals provide peaceful sensory activities which have a magically profound and positive impact on the lives of those that benefit from these fantastic qualities.

Our treks, in turn, help us to look after our small farm to a high standard and enable us to give our animals the attention and high-end food that they deserve. We utilise the space that we have nurtured to welcome people of all ages from the local charities of Ryedale to experience some outdoor animal activities which helps with their general wellbeing. Our environment helps with building confidence and the ability to learn and reach personal achievement goals.

Our well-trained alpacas also enjoy visiting others where their inquisitive side is plain to see. Residential care facilitates and dementia units are a favourite, not only for the alpacas, but for me and Chris. The smiles on faces from the amazement of finding a couple of friendly alpacas in the communal lounge, or even a bedroom, is a joy to see. Our animals never fail to bring enjoyment wherever they go. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate birthdays or weddings to name a couple of examples in their presence?

Building our business together has been a lot of work but it’s also incredibly rewarding. We bring different qualities to the business but between us all bases are covered as we strive to bring joy to people’s lives with our gorgeous alpacas.

Welcoming you to Butterwick Alpaca Retreat will be our pleasure.

Daily walks with our inquisitive alpacas • Mobile petting farm • Sensory visits from our alplacas, goats or small petting animals • Home visits • Birthday parties & special occasions

To visit us for an alpaca walk at our farm near Malton, or to book a visit to your venue, contact Anna on 07949 311592 or

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