An update from Malton in Bloom

by Handymag

Malton In Bloom has been awarded a grant of £5,000 following a community vote to TransPennine Express’s Transform Grants Fund. The Fund supports projects that improve the environment, promote social inclusion, and/or tackle youth unemployment. It is hoped to spend the award on something specific and substantial that will provide a focal point for Malton.

Malton in Bloom 2019 will be welcoming back Plantscape to provide the hanging and barrier baskets that fill the town with colour in the summer and have been a standout feature of the In Bloom project. In the market place, there are plans to refresh the planters.

On the back of the new housing developments, hanging basket trees will be located on the roundabouts in Broughton Road and Pasture Lane to create impactful centrepieces. New street furniture and planters will be installed at the newly created pedestrian area at the top of Newbiggin.

With regards to community projects, Malton School will be involved with gardening projects at the school, and, whilst efforts will be concentrated on the areas worked on to date (the town entrance signs, and various public open spaces, including St Leonard’s Garden, Water Lane car park, the bus station and the railway station), other prominent sites are being worked on. Malton and District Beekeepers Association have planted up a second flower bed at the bus station. At Orchard Fields the entrance near the fire station has been worked on by volunteers and staff from Tate-Smiths – weeds have been cleared, bulbs planted, and the ground sown with wildflower seeds with the help of Malton Scouts. The plot of land at the Church Hill/Castlegate junction has been cleared in readiness of a makeover. Additionally, there may be further pockets of public open space that get a makeover – subject to funds and volunteer input.

Malton In Bloom is always grateful to hear from anyone (business, group or individual) to help with the wider project, and specific calls to action to help with gardening tasks. Details can be found on the Malton In Bloom website ( and there are profile pages on Facebook and Twitter – lookup Malton In Bloom.

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