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by Stuart Moore Foot Health

Stuart Moore has clients from all walks of life, across the age range, men and women: farmers, brides-to-be, diabetic patients, older ladies, runners, shop workers.

He believes there are 4 main reasons why people develop problems with their feet:
• a new activity such as taking up running
• a new pair of shoes – perhaps for your big day
• the job you do – one that maybe requires you standing for long hours
• simply getting older sorry!

So where do you turn? Well, to someone like Stuart Moore, foot health professional. He can treat corns, calluses and cracked heels. But maybe it’s simply a bit of advice on a fungal nail infection. Not a problem for Stuart. “Fungal nail infections are so common, people may feel embarrassed. They mustn’t be. There is nothing I haven’t seen and there is a lot that can be done”, says Stuart.

His mantra is – it will take as long as it needs to. If Stuart misses something, he’ll call back – no charge. If it is a persistent problem, Stuart is committed to getting it sorted until his client is completely happy. Best of all, Stuart will come to you, when it suits you, from the beginning of the working day right through until early evening.

A professional who takes his work seriously and wants to know about the latest and best techniques and approaches in foot health care, Stuart is an active member of The Association of Foot Health Practitioners as well as the Open College of Foot Professionals.

So, don’t hold back in getting your feet looked at. If you need some relief from the discomfort or want your feet smartened up, call Stuart. He’s on hand to help fix your feet.

Foot Health Professional
T: 01723 374668 M: 07855 190082

You can find more about Stuart Moore Foot Health here…

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