Remember, Remember…

by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

November and Bonfire night is upon us and the festive season is rapidly approaching and with it the opportunity to eat all those naughty little treats that appear at this time of year.

For dentists it’s a time we dread because all those ‘naughtly little treats’ often spell disaster for that tooth lurking at the back of your mouth that is mainly filling.

All too often bonfire toffee, and those lovely little flat toffees in the Quality Street tub, result in corners broken off, fillings out or fracturing teeth in half. These can prove costly, painful and sometimes impossible to repair.

So…when you’re about to pop that lovely little sweetie in, just think about what it might cost you in the long run. And believe it or not your dentist will thank you as they derive no pleasure from having to repair or extract broken teeth.

Our advice is to enjoy the fireworks, avoid the bonfire toffee and have something a little less sticky and hard.

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Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136)
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