Can you give this shy chap a quiet home with plenty of TLC?

by Handymag

This rather lovely, but forlorn, looking chap is Nathan, a shy 8-year-old cat who is really down on his luck and in need of a helping hand.

Nathan was brought to York Cats Protection at the end of November because his owner was moving into a caravan, meaning no room for the six cats she owned. Poor Nathan is one of those cats that really isn’t coping well in a cattery environment and is desperate to enjoy the comforts of a proper home again.

Since he has been in our care Nathan has mostly spent his days hiding away, only coming out to nibble his food when no one is there and to have a quick sniff around. He can get quite grumpy when the staff go near him and is generally miserable. We hear from his previous owner that this behaviour does not mirror his old ways, in his old home he was a friendly lad who used to sleep on the bed.

We are hoping there is someone out there that can help this handsome cat get a new start in life, all he needs is a quiet home, some patience and some TLC.

If you can help Nathan, please call York Cats Protection on 01904 760356 or via the contact page on

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