Can You Help This Playful Girl Settle Into a Loving Home?

by Jared Smith
Published: Last Updated on

Five-year-old Frilly hasn’t had the best time recently. This pretty little cat initially came to us in February, heavily pregnant with her 4th litter and in desperate need of our help.

Shortly after arriving at the Adoption Centre Frilly gave birth to 3 kittens and, after being a very excellent and protective mum to her brood, her youngsters went off to their new homes. Sadly, for Frilly, the lockdown happened and poor Frilly was stuck in a pen for the next 4 months until she finally got adopted in September, only to be returned again as her owners could not cope with her boisterous ways.

Frilly is a very loving girl with a playful nature who up until recently had never experienced a loving home environment. She requires patient owners who are going to respond sensibly to her giddiness and who are willing to give her as much time as she needs to feel settled. Frilly has so much to offer: she just needs the right owners who will love her for who she is.

If you think you may be a good match for the gorgeous Frilly please contact the Adoption Centre via our website:

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