Can you offer this cheeky character a new home?

by Handymag

If you are hoping to welcome a real character into your life then you need go no further, your search is over!

Feast your eyes upon the one they call Combie – a cat so full of life that he even scares himself sometimes!
Only the adventurous amongst you should ask to meet this feline BUT be warned…it is said he has mystical powers and if you open your heart to him (or show any kind of weakness when in his presence) you will fall under his spell and things will never be the same again!

Combie can be a bit naughty at times and has been known to give quite passionate love bites to people, so with this in mind, he needs robust new owners that are prepared to lay down strict boundaries for him to ensure a blossoming future for all.

If you think you can offer cheeky Combie a new start in life please contact York Cats Protection Adoption Centre on 01904 760356 or through our website

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