Car Key (2-in-1) Burglaries

by PCSO Andy Smith

A car key burglary, or 2-in-1 burglary as they are sometimes known, is where a criminal breaks into your home with the specific aim of removing your car keys and stealing your car.

Perpetrators will often target the owners of high-value vehicles—they’ll ‘cruise’ around residential areas looking for opportunities to exploit their security and get to their keys. Whilst burglaries of this nature are uncommon in North Yorkshire, it is important that vehicle and home owners take simple prevention methods to deter potential thieves. The more difficult you make it for them, the less likely they are to bother.

Below we have listed ten ways you can protect both your car and home.

  1. Consider installing CCTV to cover your property and put up a sign to declare that you have CCTV for your neighbours and potential intruders to see.
  2. Fit outside security lighting to the front and back of your home and install a visible intruder alarm—ensure the lights are always in working order and always set your alarm at night and when you are out.
  3. Use your garage: if you have a garage or outbuilding, please use it and lock your car away when not in use.
  4. If you don’t have a garage, consider fitting sturdy and lockable gates or a security post to your driveway.
  5. Fit a high quality alarm, immobiliser or tracking device to your car if finances allow. Alternatively, use a device such as a visible steering or wheel locks.
  6. Always lock your car and make sure doors, windows, the boot and sunroof are secure whenever you leave your vehicle.
  7. If you own more than one vehicle, park the lesser valued vehicle behind the more expensive one on the driveway, making it more difficult to remove.
  8. Always make sure the windows and doors to your house are locked. Consider upgrading the locks to your home to TS007 (3 star) or Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312).
  9. Don’t leave your car keys on view or placed near windows, doors or cat-flaps where thieves can see them; criminals can easily take keys from kitchen work-tops, tables and hooks on walls and exploit keyless entry cars.
  10. Look out for your neighbours and report anything suspicious in your area.

What to do if you have been burgled:

Ring 999 if you believe the offender is still in your house or has just run away; if not, use the 101 number. You will be given a crime number to quote in an insurance claim, or if you want to contact police with any follow-up queries.
Try to preserve the crime scene for any forensic evidence that may be of use to the police. If possible, do not touch anything or allow your children or pets into the same rooms that the burglar has been in.

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