Cat Microchip Rules

by Handy Mag

by Helena Dewhurst RVN, Station House Vets

There is now less than two months before it becomes law to have your cat microchipped!

From 10th June all adult cats over 20 weeks old need to be microchipped and the details entered onto a database. All kittens must be microchipped by the time they are 20 weeks old. You risk a fine if this is not done from this date. If your cat is already microchipped now is a good time to check the details are up to date with the database.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. The microchip will not change your cat’s behaviour, nor will your cat be aware of it. It is only used for confirming or contacting an owner.

Details of you and your cat are held on a secure database that is only accessible to rescue agencies and veterinary practices—there is no risk of your contact details being made public. In the case of a lost cat, a special scanner which is held by vets, councils and rescue agencies, can be used to scan for a microchip, and provides the unique 15 digit number that can be searched on the database to match owner and pet.

We can microchip a kitten when they are with us for neutering but it can also be done in a vet or nurse consultation. The benefit of doing it at neutering is that the cat is under anaesthetic and not aware.

Here at Station House Vets we are offering a special price of £10 until 10th June to microchip your cat. We will also register the chip for you with Identibase. You will receive confirmation by email and an invitation to create an account so you can check and update details in the future, should you or your cat move home!

It is heart-breaking to have a poorly, injured or deceased cat rushed in to us by a concerned passer-by and have no way of contacting the owner. So law aside, please get your cats microchipped so you are contactable if an emergency occurs, or they go missing. Many cats each year are reunited with their owners, some many miles away, thanks to their microchip!

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