Celebrating Kirkbymoorside’s Community Spirit

by Handymag

From Kirkbymoorside Town Council

Each May, at the annual town meeting in Kirkbymoorside, the Community Award is presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community.

Whilst the Coronavirus situation has delayed presentation of the award, Kirkbymoorside Town Council are delighted to congratulate this years recipients, Chris and John Simmonds, for their involvement with the Kirkby Fruit Project.

The past few months have been very strange and difficult but they have also demonstrated the strength and resilience of everyone in our town.

The Town Council would like to take the opportunity to celebrate all of our local heroes and offer everyone heartfelt thanks for taking the necessary safeguarding measures to help protect our community.

Thank you to the volunteers who have stepped up and offered their time and generosity of spirit to support fellow members of the community.

To the businesses who have remained open throughout the coronavirus situation and their staff who continue to provide so many services that are vital to our community, thank you.

To the businesses and their staff who are still operating behind closed doors and those who have had to close in order to keep our communities safe, but have been waiting in the wings ready to get back to work, thank you.

To the children, parents and grand parents for staying home and having to sacrifice time spent with extended family and friends, thank you.

To everyone who has had to self-isolate, forgoing the privilege of social interaction to keep our community safe, thank you.


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