Charlie on – The ‘New Normal’

by Handymag

If there’s something that has come from our ‘new normal’, it is that we are all finding new ways to get around things.

I have been taking part in watching films with friends whilst we are in different places across the globe. We pick a film readily available to all of us and set a time of, say, 7pm. Then we all press play at that time in our individual spaces. We chat about the film in a group chat whilst watching. It may not be the same, but it still feels like I’m watching the film with my mates. Not to mention Saturday night becoming a film night in which I’m educating ‘the parents’ in the best films on the silver screen to come out in recent years and gain cult classic status. It’s definitely been a big thing in keeping me sane. I’m hoping we can continue this new arrangement on Saturday nights as there’s normally nothing of note to watch on TV anyway!

Having already watched it in January, I introduced my parents recently to JoJo Rabbit. It is a peculiar film that is part comedy and part drama about wanting someplace to fit in and realising that not everything you’re taught is true. It really is a must watch and it is no wonder it picked up two Oscar’s in January. It’ll make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

I’ve also started a course on Digital Media and Journalism, with sessions taking place at 4pm on Monday and Wednesday each week. So far I’ve learnt more about fake and false news, bias within the media and the difference between a review, column and investigative journalism. It’s been good for me to have something to look forward to, and I’m now writing an article about how local businesses are supplying demand and how they are more important than ever. I’m very excited to get it finished and published.

I hope you are all finding new ways to survive ‘new normal’ too. Thanks for reading.

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