Charlie’s column – Comedy

by Handymag

There’s something brilliant about comedy. It can cheer you up on a bad day, making everything a bit better and you can even learn something from it. Everyone likes a good giggle!

Over the years the types of comedy we enjoy have evolved from the early days of slapstick and Laurel and Hardy to sketch comedies, stand-up, game shows, cartoons and sitcoms such as The Office or Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I think it’s because I’ve been through so much that there have been times where I’ve used comedy to cheer me up, if only for a couple of hours. In fact, I see humour as a hobby! I’m constantly joking with friends and laughing far too much. I’m certainly not someone who is likely to stop laughing if I can help it.

I’ve been through lots of challenging stuff over the years and there have been plenty of times when I don’t know where I’d be without humour. I’ve even used it as a mask to hide how I’m actually feeling.

The best thing about humour is that it is universal. When comedian Jimmy Carr was asked about how people find his humour in different countries, he said it’s very much the same.

Humour is something that binds us together. It makes a connection. There will be people having a tough time that just need to laugh, people who are grieving that just need to talk amongst friends and joke about life. There will be people who have just had a dreadful day at work that just want to laugh.

Apparently, laughter decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells and improves our resistance to disease, triggers the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and can even temporarily relieve pain. Laughter has been shown to make you feel great.

No matter how light or dark the comedy material is, we all need humour to keep us smiling for that’s what keeps us human.
“If you can laugh In the face of adversity, you’re bulletproof”- Ricky Gervais

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