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by Charlie Ridgewell
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Overpriced, undersized supermarket snacks or the perils of home baking? On a gluten-free diet, that is the decision that I’ve had to face; that is, until I started a course with Ryedale Special Families at Malton Cookery School.

Baking has always been somewhat of a no-go area for me, given that most cakes, biscuits, scones, and what-not contain flour, and hence gluten. At Malton Cookery School, though, I’ve learned to cook delicious gluten-free baking recipes, feeling great all the while.

The facilities at The Cook’s Place, Malton, where the school is based, are first-rate. And the way that Gilly Robinson, head tutor, runs her cooking sessions are a perfect fit with how I operate: the ingredients are pre-measured, the recipes easy-to-follow.

For myself, however, the main pull of the school is its atmosphere: Gilly’s non-judgemental, happy-to-help attitude makes it a wonderful, relaxing place to visit. And while you’re there, the outside world and its troubles—et cetera, et cetera, …—can wait.

I attend the school with Ryedale Special Families every Monday, alongside others, and it really helps me to relax at the start of the week. During recent visits, I’ve baked beautiful Mediterranean scones and learned how to cook lovely, restaurant-ready meals.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience—and I’m forevermore thankful to Ryedale Special Families and Gilly for all they support and guidance they’ve offered.

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