Charlie’s Column — My Form of Escapism…

by Charlie Ridgewell
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I don’t know about you, but escapism is the only thing I’m seeking.

You may think you have guessed what I’ve escaped to: a film, curating my own playlist of my favourite rock artists, or playing a different vinyl everyday.  But it isn’t any of these: my form of escapism is Boccia.

Boccia may sound confusing, but it really isn’t. Think of playing a game of bowls, the difference being that you are sat down and using much softer balls. You can play it with up to five other people, but it can just be as fun with two of you. I started playing again after winning a gold and silver medal at secondary school, and I rediscovered my passion at the start of the year.

Lately, I’ve been using my weekly sessions with carers to find a secluded and safe place to play a game or ten with them. It’s also good for getting out and seeing the best of the lovely rural spots the county provides us with. The only downside is that the weather is turning and as it’s becoming frostier, I may have to put playing on hold as even my garden is too lopsided to have a proper game in. But I’m sure we’ll return to playing it regularly when autumn and winter have passed us by.

All-in-all, knowing that we are heading towards harsher weather, I’m turning to film, TV, and music to keep me sane. This year has thrown us through a loop and then over again—and it isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

So keep safe—first and foremost—connect with friends or family when you can, binge the latest series and movies, and find your form of escapism. It’s now more important than ever to escape from reality, if only for a little while.

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