Charlie’s Column – The Magic of Pets

by Handymag

There’s something about owning a pet that is so wonderful.

Statistics show that 50% of UK adults own a pet, 24% own a cat (10.9 million of them) and a further 26% own a dog (9.9 million). Cats and Dogs are clearly the most recognisable domestic animals. My family has owned a dog, a rabbit, a snake and four cats over the past twenty years, as well as working to home rescue cats.

Pets, whether they are dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, fish or tortoises, give us something to hold onto and focus on. They can be our best friends, keep us happy when we are going through rough times and become such a part of the family that not having them around doesn’t feel quite right. My cats give us plenty of reminders that they haven’t been fed. (and saying “I fed you literally 5 minutes ago” doesn’t stop their noise!)

Dogs and cats are well known for their ability to help their owners when they are ill. One of my family’s cats, Mitchell, used to sit on me the night before I had a seizure or fell ill. We noticed she could sense it because the rest of the time she wanted nothing to do with me. Even dogs can save their owners, lifting their heads up if they have a seizure in the bath for example. And they are well known for helping blind or deaf people go about their daily lives.

My point is that pets are more than simply pets. They are intelligent, loving and occasionally needy companions. They keep us sane and can even sense illness. They can keep us fit, help teach children about responsibility and make the most isolated of our society feel safer with them always near.

Pets are just amazing.

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