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…making life simpler for house buyers

Talk to our experienced surveyors, including Jon Charters-Reid, who has over 32 years in the business, is a published technical author and a Government Housing Advisor.

A good survey makes your life a whole lot simpler. When inspecting a property, a surveyor is asking a simple question: “Is the property defective in any way?” And the answer often boils down to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

If the answer is ‘yes’ then the surveyor can help you to decide whether the property is over-priced; and, if it is, the surveyor can help you and the estate agent to find a way of revising the price to reflect the work required. Simple—and certainly much simpler than finding out after buying the house that you need another £20,000–£30,000 for hidden repairs. Remember, you can ask a good surveyor any question about the property you are buying.

Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd are one of the leading chartered surveyors in York and throughout the region. We pride ourselves on our after-sales service and our chartered surveyors are happy to discuss their reports with you.

There are usually one or two questions that you will have, and we are here to explain the reports, allowing you to make better and quicker decisions. Our open and accessible approach—coupled with our encyclopaedic knowledge of the region’s properties—helps us to stand apart from other York chartered surveyors.

Smart house buyers will intentionally get a survey which will protect their investment. The survey is one of the most useful documents to have, not just when you are buying the house, but when you come to sell the property. It can demonstrate and prove that your house is still in good condition. It is a common fact that you tend not to buy a house, you often buy a lifestyle, and it’s not unusual to choose a house with your heart and not your head. A professionally written survey by our experienced surveyors will guide you accordingly, and help you through the process. It pays to pay a professional to protect your investment.

We use our extensive local knowledge because we are truly local surveyors. We can advise you on structural defects, timber, damp, roof and chimney repairs. We can also discuss the valuation of a property and indeed what the current financial housing market looks like, which is extremely important when you are committed to taking on a 25 to 40-year mortgage.

Discussions with our surveyors can provide you with sufficient advice on home improvements and alterations. It is important to understand that the wrong type of alternation, or a bad design on an extension, will make it an unattractive property and in some cases reduce its value.

We have over 200 years of collective experience in our practice so get your survey booked. Call our friendly team today on 01904 468881 or email surveys@chartersreid.co.uk.

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