The Impact of Covid 19 on Children’s Teeth

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by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

For many years the level of tooth decay in children has been low. We have literally gone years without having to extract a child tooth or place a proper filling in a child’s tooth. Fluoride toothpaste and regular advice at inspections has really helped to keep decay levels down.

Unfortunately Covid has changed this and we are now seeing much higher rates of decay. I have given much thought to this as I find it deeply concerning. There may be several reasons and, although I cannot profess to have done full clinical trials on the subject, anecdotal evidence seems to imply that the following factors are important.

During the first lockdown we were all stuck at home. Normally children are in school where eating in class is forbidden. At home the food was within easy reach and many of us succumbed to snacking. Whilst in adults who were working from home this translated into ‘lockdown pounds’, in children it is now being seen as tooth decay.

Also the routine of getting up, washing, breakfast and brushing also slid to varying degrees, and this crucial reduction in fluoride has provided a ‘double whammy’ on the vulnerable baby teeth of our children.
Decay is a gradual process our teeth are under constant attack. Regular brushing with age appropriate fluoride toothpaste and low levels of snacking cannot be underestimated in the fight to prevent decay in both children’s and adults teeth.

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