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Welcoming a New Puppy or Kitten

by Ryedale Vets
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by Sophie Finnegan RVN, Ryedale Vets

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your life can be one of the most exciting times, and here at Ryedale Vets we are happy to support you with advice and, when needed, consultations.

Choosing the right pet is key to a lifetime of joy with your new family member. Whether you decide to choose a puppy or kitten from a reputable breeder or rescue, assessing the breed, health, and requirements of your pet is important when deciding which will be the best fit for your lifefstyle. With a wide variety of breeds, it is possible to choose puppies and kittens with various different temperaments.

Cocker spaniels and Collies fit in with an active lifestyle, whereas flatter nosed breeds are better suited for those who don’t wish to go for a hike every day!

When bringing home a new companion, it is important to be prepared. Your basic supplies, such as toys and bedding, are easy to obtain but other requirements can take more planning. It is important to begin your new pet on the most suitable diet, as this will have an impact on their growth rate and development. It can be daunting to choose this, as there is such a wide range, but your veterinary team are always available to offer advice. Additionally, there are pheromone-based products available for both puppies and kittens. These, when used in those first weeks at home, can aid in stress reduction for your pet and improve bonding with the new family.

For your puppies, socialisation is crucial in those early months of life. Training classes can be influential in teaching correct behaviour, but finding appropriately aged dogs for your puppy to play with can be difficult. At Ryedale Vets we offer Puppy Parties—two sessions of carefully monitored playtime for your puppy with others of a similar lifestage, alongside the opportunity for any questions or worries to be addressed by one of our registered vet nurses and a canine behaviourist. These sessions aid puppy development, teaching them the correct way to form canine friendships—and tires them out so you can have a few hours of peace!

For further information, keep an eye on our social media over the following month. Our puppy and kitten focus month can be a useful resource to improve those first few crucial months with your new pet.

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