Why don’t I have access to NHS dental care?

Christine Parker, Howardian Dental Practice

by Christine Parker, BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

Sadly the problems already in NHS dentistry have been compounded by COVID and increased costs for wages and materials. Dentists are small businesses and are having to balance their books forcing them to go private.

Historically about 60% of the population have attended for their regular check ups. The other 40% have attended when a problem cropped up. Since COVID, any ‘slack in the system’ has disappeared and even private dentists are having to place patients on waiting lists.

This is leaving large number of people, including children, with no immediate access to dental care.

My advice is to register on a waiting list if you don’t have problems. Ring 111 if you do. In the event of any severe issues like closing of the eye, swelling of the airway or a fever you should attend A&E. I would also suggest that any suspicious lumps or patches in the mouth or neck of more than 14 days should be seen by your GP especially if you are a smoker or drink alcohol.
There is a lot you can do to reduce dental disease risk:

  • Reduce snacks between meals to once a day.
  • Keep sugary and fizzy drinks for mealtimes.
  • Brush twice a day.
  • Adults should use interdental brushes or sticks before the last brush of the day.
  • Don’t rinse after brushing.
  • Avoid creating a sweet tooth in your children.

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