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by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

After Easter and, hopefully not too much damage from Easter treats, we need to look forward to spring and summer.
Are your teeth still looking their best? Are the tea stains starting to take hold? We want you to feel confident and look your best.

What can you do? Well the simple advice of brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste is essential. Cleaning in between your teeth with the correct sized interdental brush will also help to reduce the stains that tend to collect there. Do this before your evening brush for maximum benefit.

There are over the counter toothpastes for light stains. We do not recommend smokers toothpastes as they can be very abrasive. Some of the new electric brushes are fantastic delivering an amazing clean we recommend the Oral B iO range and they can often be on offer so bag yourself a bargain.

Regular checks and cleans with your dentist at a frequency they recommend are also essential. What you might not know is that the better you clean your teeth, the less likely you are to have dental problems and this can allow your dentist to potentially see you at longer intervals.

Not only will your teeth look better but it’s better for your overall health too. What’s not to like? We currently have a short waiting list but continue to welcome new private patients.

Dr Christine Parker BDS invites you to register at

We are conveniently located at Howardian Dental Practice, 11 Alan Farnaby Way, York Rd Business Park, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6PG. t: 01347 878111 www.howardiandental.co.uk

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