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Classic Vehicle Inspection Service

by Classic Car Expert Steve Minns

Classic cars are more than just vehicles; they’re a symbol of a bygone era, and for many, they’re a piece of history that they can touch and feel. But buying and then maintaining a classic vehicle requires expert knowledge and expertise. That’s where Classic Car Expert comes in.

Owner Steve Minns has over 40 years of experience and a passion in classic cars and motorcycles. He has worked with performance cars, kit and specialist cars, is a Motorsport UK Scrutineer, a London to Brighton Run Official and a Show Judge.

He said: “I offer a flexible, straightforward and professional car inspection service and use my extensive experience with classic cars, specialist cars, performance cars motorcycles and in motorsport to remove much of the risk in your purchase.

“With more vehicles being sold and bought online, whether that be via private advert, online dealer or now, more commonly, a mainstream auction house with an online live auction, the need for an independent expert inspection makes complete sense, both economically and technically. It is likely that the car is located a considerable distance from you, so the costs alone of just travelling to view the car may well be greater than my fees. As with any significant purchase, it’s always a good idea to have someone with detailed knowledge check it over on your behalf. I work for you, not the seller or auctioneer, my report will be completely independent and I’ll contact you with my findings straight after my inspection. You won’t have to wait days for my report!”

Steve offers two choices of report: a Standard Report that covers all aspects of the vehicle condition, and an Extended Report that offers finer detail. He checks in excess of 300 points and includes a road test where permitted by the vendor.

Steve is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service ensuring that his clients receive accurate and valuable information to support them in their purchase. If you’re buying a classic vehicle, ensure you contact Steve first on 01751 417183.

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