Local Specialist Continues to Thrive

by Handy Mag
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Jenny Sugars established Clear & Hear to provide the best treatments for ear wax problems in the local area. With specialised training to remove even the most stubborn wax safely, Jenny’s service includes multiple visits for stubborn wax removal, with charges applied per ear and discounts offered if removal is easier than expected.

Clear & Hear offers a home service with both irrigation and microsuction options available. Microsuction, which reduces the risk of ear drum perforation and infection, is considered the gold standard for ear wax removal. Same-day appointments are possible, with the aim to treat each client that week. Recently, she has expanded appointment availability for her clients with the help of Carol as an extra pair of hands.

The Clear & Hear team is proud to have helped over 1000 local customers regain their hearing, and they are excited to be invited back to Thornton Le Dale Show after last year’s successful event.

To learn more about Clear & Hear, visit their newly- launched website, and contact Jenny on 07999 325656 and her team to experience their exceptional service for yourself.

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