Monday, June 24, 2024

Ear Care in Your Own Home

by Handy Mag

Local Nurse Debbie Flett started her private Earwax removal service following NHS cuts which resulted in the service no longer being available on the NHS. Debbie, who trained at the Rotherham Ear Care Centre, set up her Mobile Ear Irrigation business offering home visits to people throughout Scarborough, Ryedale, and the wider York area. Debbie states “Impacted/excess earwax can be uncomfortable and debilitating, leading to full or partial hearing loss, pain, dizziness, tinnitus and potential infection. Ear irrigation is a safe, simple and effective way to remove excess ear wax.”

Home visits are available to everyone but are particularly beneficial to people with reduced mobility who do not want to travel in order to get the problem sorted. Debbie has frequent returning customers and recommendations. Debbie’s service is recommended by local GP surgeries and audiologists in the area.

Hearing Aid users are more prone to earwax, hence many clients book an appointment prior to their hearing aid check-up.

Debbie has 30 years of experience in earwax removal working as a Practice Nurse and Community nurse within the NHS. For friendly, professional service, call Debbie to book an appointment on 07876 064306 or 01723 863366.

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