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Supporting the community and saving textiles from landfill

In the heart of Norton there is a new social initiative called The Clothing Bank Ryedale. Founded by two friends, Linda Shipley and Marnie Jean, the community clothing bank aims to provide support to those in need while creating a more sustainable future by recycling and repurposing unwanted clothing and textiles, keeping them within the local area.

Winston Wednesday Wardrobe

Every Wednesday from 1 to 3pm, Winston Court Community House in Norton becomes the hub hosting Winston Wednesday Wardrobe.

In addition to providing a space for clothing donations, swaps, and collections, there is a warm and welcoming environment, free tea, coffee and chat as well as craft activities.

Linda and Marnie are driven by a passion to combat textile waste. Marnie, who runs a preloved clothing boutique in Norton, said: “Every year, an astonishing 92 million tonnes of textiles and clothing find their way into landfills. We really want to make a difference in tackling this issue. One of the exciting projects we hope to initiate is a series of well-being and art/crafting workshops. These workshops will serve as a platform for individuals to learn new skills, express their creativity, and transform donated clothing and textiles into unique and cherished items”.

Linda and Marnie’s motivation to establish the clothing bank stems from their own previous experiences. Linda explained that the Clothing Bank has been important for their mental health: “Getting together to support others has helped both of us get through challenging times.”

Yorkshire Housing Association has supported them with space for Winston Wednesday Wardrobe, and they are actively exploring partnerships with other local groups and organisations. The clothing bank is also working in conjunction with Next Steps, Future Intentions Yorkshire and Ryedale Special Families and provides a community clothing rail.

To achieve their long-term goals, Linda and Marnie are keen to explore charitable status for the Clothing Bank to allow them to access funding and support.

There is a Facebook group where the Clothing Bank Ryedale shares ideas for recycling clothes and textiles, promotes local crafts, and organises online auctions.

How You Can Help

Storage: With limited space, the clothing bank is in urgent need of better storage facilities to accommodate the growing number of donations. Linda and Marnie currently have donations stored all over their homes so if you have, or know of, some space they could use, it would be much appreciated.

Administration: Linda and Marnie would really appreciate any guidance or support in gaining charitable status, as they believe that the clothing bank offers many benefits for the local community and would like to continue the project. They also need help with sorting donations and craft activities.

Donations: Until there is a solution for storage Linda and Marnie can’t accomodate many more donations but you can contact them on Facebook to find out what they currently require.

To get in touch, or to offer help, Linda and Marnie can be contacted at or on Facebook as The Clothing Bank Ryedale.

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