Malton & Norton Tidy Up Group

by Nicky Whalen

Anyone who takes a look around whilst out-and–about cannot fail to notice the blight that is litter on our roadsides, in our streets and across our public open spaces. As magically as litter seems to appear, it can also disappear from certain areas but it is not magic—it is very likely to be down to volunteers taking pride in their community and removing waste from the environment.
Individuals, groups and communities across the country are going out of their way to clear up after people who have no respect for their or other’s surroundings.
Malton and Norton are fortunate to have a small but dedicated group of volunteers who litter pick across the two towns. Malton and Norton Tidy Group meets on the first Sunday of the month but its regular participants are armed with pickers, bags and hi-vis jackets to tackle areas when they see fit. As a result, the Tidy Group collects over 500 bags of litter a year, plus debris such as abandoned temporary traffic signage, containers and bits of vehicles. The group’s efforts are mainly concentrated on the main roads into the towns where the litter is coming from passing traffic, and around the industrial estates but there is hardly an open space, verge or roadway that has not been tackled over the years that the group has been operating.
Regular areas that are picked, such as York Road, see the same amount and same type of litter picked month in, month out. Much of the litter is of the food-on-the-go variety but alarmingly there is a great deal of alcohol related waste.
What would our environment, YOUR environment, be like if it was not for volunteer litter pickers?
For more information, visit Malton and Norton Tidy Group on Facebook and Twitter.

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