Cold Weather Care For Your Pets

by Ryedale Vets
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By Anne Tilley from Ryedale Vets.

Winter is approaching so it is a good time to remind pet owners of those handy cold weather tips to keep our furry friends safe over the cold winter months.

  • Ice on waters of those pets in sheds, barns fields etc must be broken regularly to allow access to fresh water at all times.
  • Extra bedding should be provided, along with a felt or warm cover, for those small pets in hutches in the shed.
  • Antifreeze is still a very real risk to pets, who are attracted to the sweet taste. It can prove FATAL so please clean up all spills and do not allow access to open bottles or areas it is stored.
  • Check your vehicle engines and wheel trims for cats who may have sought out the warmth on a cold day and could end up with serious injuries. Tapping the bonnet before your journey is also a good idea.
  • Provide thin-skinned, short-coated, elderly or vulnerable dogs with a snuggly coat for their walks, and always dry them thoroughly on your return.
  • Check paws following walks and remove any road salt that may have gathered as this can cause sores on feet, and also be toxic if ingested while pets are cleaning themselves.
  • Bear in mind potential injuries to both yourselves and your dogs if out in icy conditions, and don’t worry if they miss an occasional walk. Allowing toileting in the garden should be adequate short term.
  • Conditions such as arthritis may flare up during colder weather so please ensure your pets get their medication as prescribed, and don’t hesitate to book an appointment if you think we could help with this.
  • With the dark mornings and nights upon us, walking your dog in the dark will become unavoidable, so reflective collars, coats, leg straps etc are a really good idea, and avoiding allowing your dog off the lead near roads is advisable.
  • Remember all the firework season advice too about phobias and safety.
  • Please be mindful of wildlife who may appreciate some fresh water and feeders out for them during the winter months.

Now you can enjoy these cosy Autumn and Winter nights snuggled up by the fire with your pets!
by Anna Tilley RVN SQP, Ryedale Vets

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