Dental Deserts

by Handy Mag

…are not a political football

by Christine Parker, Howardian Dental Practice

Sadly the term ‘dental desert’ is here to stay. It refers to an area where there are too few dentists to treat the population. In some areas this applies to both NHS and Private care.

Claims by any political party to cure this should be treated with caution. It takes 5 years to train a dentist so unless we start taking them from abroad there’s not going to be much change any time soon.

The impact of lack of access was felt nationwide during the pandemic. Unfortunately in some areas it has continued, leading to untold suffering and misery.

Here at Howardian we do not offer NHS treatment, we do, however, accept new patients into private care. We will carefully evaluate your wants and needs and work with you to achieve good oral health.

We also provide cosmetic dentistry and non surgical facial rejuvenation to compliment and enhance your smile.

Please call and leave a message or email us and we’ll organise an appointment.

Howardian Dental Practice is conveniently located at 11 Alan Farnaby Way, York Rd Business Park, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6PG

t: 01347 878111

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