They’re only baby teeth!

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by Christine Parker, BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

Having recently been abroad to a European country with great health facilities I was surprised to learn that dental treatment for children is not free. Check ups are free but treatment has to be paid for.

This got me thinking about how important it is for people to be checked regularly but especially children. With Covid there is a whole host of children who have never seen the dentist. This really is storing up problems for their future.

A combination of too much time at home near a supply of food, the usual battle to get them to brush or allow their parents to brush, and the inability to have a professional examination and advice can lead to early tooth loss and a potential lifetime of dental problems.

By the time most parents are able to see a problem, it’s too late for that tooth and, contrary to popular opinion, baby teeth are very important for maintaining tooth space for new teeth to come into the correct position, speech development and being able to eat a varied and healthy diet.

Not to mention the pain and distress for the child and time missed from education.

So they really are not just baby teeth, get your child into good habits supervise brushing twice a day, minimise snacking and get them checked out.

We see children up to the age of 6 for a free check up with a fee paying adult. Any further treatment is chargeable we also make it fun.

For more help with your children’s teeth, call Howardian Dental Practice in Sheriff Hutton on 01347 87811.

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