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Electric Fires…for today’s bright sparks

by Handy Mag

by Focus Fireplaces

More than just a fad, electric fires have hit the mainstream big time, and are allowing people who have never considered a fire before to create a beautiful focal point in their home.

Avanti 150RW with Split Oak Log-effect, installed as a three sided outset. Shown with optional Mood Lighting System

There’s no two ways about it: electric fires are here, and they’re here to stay. But why exactly should you buy an electric fire? Or if you already have a gas or solid fuel fire, why should you make the switch?

100% Efficiency: Yes, you read that right. It’s common knowledge that gas and solid fuel fires can lose anywhere up to 60% of the heat they generate straight up the chimney. With an electric fire, 100% of the heat generated goes exactly where it should do – into your living room! Not only does this result in more heat where it matters, but it also means you’ll be saving money on the on-going running costs too.

Compatibility: One of the best features of electric fires is their versatility and usability. Marble, granite, solid wood or MDF; if you can make a fireplace out of it, then chances are, you’ll be able to use an electric fire with it! This will not only help reduce your costs, but also opens up a whole plethora of possibilities, as you really can have any fireplace you’d like, with any fire that you’d like. The new trend is Media Walls giving you a stunning all in one storage solution with centre fire, media and tv.

The Real McCoy: One of the major complaints against using electric fires is their distinct lack of resemblance to a real fire, right? Well this fear is ever-increasingly becoming an issue of the past. Ever-advancing technology has allowed the creation of more and more realistic effects, and now there are several different “flames” to choose from.

Heat Control: Is your fire too hot? No problem – modern electric fires come with multiple heat settings, giving you complete control over the heat you’re getting without having to open a window and let out all of the heat you’ve just paid to generate! The majority of electric fires also come with a “flame effect only” setting (some even have a cool blow option as well), meaning you can even have the effect of the fire, without any heat being given off.

Local company Focus Fireplaces & Stoves have been providing fire and fireplace solutions since 1985. They have recently opened a dedicated electric showroom displaying the very latest electric fires, media walls and fireplace suites .

Director Mike White explains: “We are seeing a huge interest in electric fires and feature media walls from our customers. At Focus we design and custom make a vast range of electric fire media walls made to incorporate your TV and Sound bar. We also offer bespoke shelves, mood lighting kits and a choice of base units with marble or stone tops. These are all made in our on-site factory, and fully fitted.”

Focus Fireplaces & Stoves
The Bull Commercial Centre Stockton Lane, Stockton-on-the-Forest, York Y032 9LE
T: 01904 400525

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