Empty Nest

by Clare Brash
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Mr Brash is miserable—not because the kids have left after their covid year at home—but because our puppies have gone to their new owners.

After a year of trying to get her in pup the old fashioned way, which involved having a friend with a male dog round to play in the garden while we had a cuppa, I finally put on my vet hat and approached it properly.

As a lurcher of very mixed parentage, Magpie did not need any pre-breeding xrays, eye tests or genetic monitoring which would have had to be done weeks in advance, so it wasn’t until she showed the first signs of her season that I sprang into action. I tested her blood to find out when to have her mated and then we visited a real stud dog, the delightful poodle named” Roger” who, with the aid of a footstool, on two occasions 48 hours apart, succeeded.

I couldn’t wait to scan her at day 25, and knowing that she was indeed in pup helped a lot with planning ahead, changing holiday dates and starting her on the early worming plan from day 40, and onto puppy food two weeks before the event.

I monitored her temperature to help judge when she would have the pups, but this didn’t stop me checking her throughout the night, annoying poor Matt. I suddenly had more sympathy for my clients in the same position. We have had masses more whelping bitches and caesareans since the covid puppy boom.

Luckily being young and fit she had the pups easily—and on my day off—which was a huge relief. She was a perfect mother and Matt soon had the pups in a routine. I have made a complete timescale list for any prospective pup parents for our new website as the advice available is very confusing. Feel free to call the Station House Vets team for any advice.

The house is silent without them now, but as six of the seven puppies went to close family members, they will all be back. Christmas chez Brash will be like Battersea Dogs Home with ten dogs for a week. We cant wait!

by Clare Brash MRCVS, Station House Vets

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