Need a Bird’s Eye View?

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Drone photography has become more advanced and is being widely used across a variety of industries as a unique tool to provide high quality aerial photos and film. Drones can capture images and footage that was previously too challenging, and all at high definition.

Professional drone operator Ewan Rookes, based in Malton, recognises that drone technology is a game-changer for many, so has set up his business to provide the very best aerial photographs and footage for his clients.

A carpenter since leaving school, Ewan was a keen drone photographer outside of work. He said: “It has taken time to become highly skilled and, now I have permission for commercial operation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), I am keen to develop my business for all sectors.

“I work with a whole range of businesses from farmers, builders, estate agents, and historic buildings, as well as individuals for wedding photography. With a live feed from the drone on the ground, it is easy to view and change, in real time, camera angles to get the best shots.”

“A drone report is a great option for contractors to keep a check on construction progress without the need for site visits, as well as having archive material should you need it in the future. For estate agents, aerial footage provides stunning results for marketing properties.”

Before any shoot, Ewan will perform an initial site survey and offers a free no-obligation quotation. Call now for more information on 07497 169577.

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