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by Ryedale Vets

by Hannah Philipson RVN SQP, Ryedale Vets

Firework season can be an anxious time for any pet, and it can be difficult for owners to prepare their animal for coping.
There are many things owners can do to help make firework season less stressful for their pets.

A safe home environment is crucial to keep calm during the night; animals should be provided with somewhere safe and quiet to hide and should be allowed to do so. It’s important that as owners, we stay calm too! Our pets are more in tune with our feelings than we may realise, and if we worry about fireworks, they will pick up on this.

Dog owners should aim to walk their dogs during daylight hours, so they will not be seeing or hearing fireworks outdoors. Take care also when walking after fireworks have been going off, as debris and litter may be tempting for your dog to scavenge.

Socialisation with loud and sudden noises at a young age can help reduce fear as animals grow up, however it isn’t always possible to simulate these when in the socialisation stages, and it can be easy to miss.

Some synthetic pheromones have been found to help pets during firework season, products such as over the counter supplements may help reduce anxiety in your pet, and some prescription medications are available to help relieve anxiety.

Pets will all have different fear responses to fireworks; some may be unbothered, whereas others will just want to hide. Keep all animals indoors at night when fireworks are going off, to prevent dogs from escaping and cats getting lost. Planning ahead is the key for fireworks season!

Ryedale Vets are now offering Confidence Clinics to help habituate and desensitise dogs to the veterinary environment. Please give us a call to get booked in.

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