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by Imogen Smith
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Kevin Arksey is celebrating two years at Xercise Fitness in the centre of Haxby, and in that time he has helped to transform the gym into a bright, friendly and comfortable space that appeals to all ages and abilities.

The Xercise Fitness mission is “to recognise the importance of every member and ensure they achieve their personal fitness goals.”
The gym has a wide range of equipment with friendly, knowledgeable staff to help keep members motivated.

“When I first took over, the free weights area was tucked away behind a wall and felt like an intimidating place not really welcome to the average member. We opened the area up to all clients and now free weights exercises are included in all of our training programmes. This has particularly appealed to our female clients who are now benefitting from using free weights every time.”

 – Kevin

After reformatting the gym area, Kevin and the team focussed on providing a new area for classes. The gym now boasts a smart studio where, from early morning to evening, there are regular classes such as stretch, weights 4 women, circuits, fitness gold, spin classes and legs, bums and tums with something to suit everyone. There is even kids boxercise – a great way to get your little ones active whilst having fun.

Following their mission to help all members achieve their personal fitness goals, Xercise Fitness offers two personal training sessions for all new joining members with one of the trainers at the gym. This means that all training programmes can be tailored to members exact level of fitness and objectives. Kevin says,

“We have seen some great results from this approach. Programmes are reassessed regularly to ensure that targets can be reached. We work hard on developing new programmes all the time to suit our members and make sure we keep up to date with current trends in training.”

As well as the regular trainers at Xercise, you will be greeted by Alicia who is an apprentice working towards being a personal trainer at the gym. She says

“I’m really enjoying my training and talking to our members. It’s a great place to work.”

Plans for the new year, include morning and evening Yoga classes, a new suspension training area and early morning interval training with stretch afterwards. Kevin says this is a great way to start the day!
If you live locally and would like to make 2019 the year you get healthier and fitter, drop into your local friendly gym to find out more. New members are always welcome.

Xercise Fitness is currently offering 30% off your first 3 months membership so now is the perfect time to get signed up.

Find out more about how to contact Xercise Fitness here.

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