Grow in Strength and Confidence

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with Flow for All

Faith Bielby started her business to support others to feel both physically and mentally strong.

Faith explained: “I’ve been practising yoga for many years, and wanted to work for myself—I enjoy building something from scratch and watching it grow. I love yoga, so it seemed like a logical step and Flow For All was born. The little community we’re creating is absolutely wonderful and brings so much fulfilment to my life.”

With everything from Vinyasa yoga and chair yoga to corporate yoga, and mindfulness, Flow For All has classes across Malton and Norton and is expanding to surrounding villages and towns.

Faith said: “Yoga is a form of therapy and has been a constant through all my ups and downs. When I’m on my mat moving my body and breathing consciously nothing else matters, I’m fully present. I feel strong, yet my body is open and relaxed, my mind is still. Yoga is a powerful tool and I want to share this with as many people as possible!

“I like to challenge my students, yet I believe I’m good at adapting to individual needs and love to see people grow in confidence and strength. My sequences are fun and challenging and we always have a laugh!”

Faith hopes to create a warm and welcoming space for people of all ages and abilities to show up, move and breathe. For more information on classes, please call 07817 598405 or visit

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