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by Station House Vets

by Station House Vets

As an International Cat Friendly Clinic, we understand the particular stress cats are under when visiting the vets and we take steps to minimise this whenever we can. As part of this ethos we have two new services we are offering to cats and their owners across the region.

We are taking part in the ‘Cats Protection subsidised £10 neutering scheme’.

From four months old a female kitten will start to attract the attention of tomcats, who’ll want to mate with her. Having her spayed before four months will avoid her getting pregnant while she’s still a kitten herself.

Male kittens are castrated to stop them from spraying to mark their territory, and help avoid getting nasty injuries from fights. Cats who have been neutered tend not to wander too far from home.

Eligible owners will need to complete and sign a voucher. See our website Blog page for full details ( – or call Cats Protection on 03000 121212 to check before booking your procedure in with us.

The CP scheme covers routine spay or castrate of your cat or kitten, a microchip, post op medication and checks where required – all for just £10, with the balance being paid for by Cats Protection.

We have also launched a ‘Microchip your cat for £10’ campaign.

The law in the UK will change on 10 June 2024 when all owned cats will need to be microchipped and owners details registered on a database.

It is heart-breaking when an injured or deceased cat is brought into us and we have no way of contacting the owner if there is no microchip. Once chipped, it is important owners update their change of address or telephone numbers with the online database as soon as they need updating.

From 10 June 2024 kittens must be microchipped by 20 weeks old (and could be done when they are neutered) and older cats can be chipped at any time. Included with the microchip consult is a free health check with our cat friendly nurses who will initially register your microchip; you will then need to go online to update your details.

Call 01653 618303 quoting HANDYCAT!

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