Ginny: “A Very Special Girl—With Wonderful Ears!” by Steve Williams

by Editorial Team

The month was April 2012; it was love at first sight. How could I resist those soulful eyes, that tail dipped in black paint, and those legendary ears?

Found wondering the streets of Beverley, Ginny spent more than five months at the rescue waiting for a home. But I’m she’d agree that it was well-worth that wait. I loved everything about my new companion. After much deliberation, I decided to call her Ginny—a perfect name for my perfect pooch. Although Ginny was a rescue dog, it was really she who rescued me, giving me energy and motivation, and improving my health.

When Ginny passed away before Christmas 2020, I was comforted when I realised how my “very special girl with wonderful ears” had affected others’ lives as well as my own. I received dozens of messages of support and memories.
One of Ginny’s extraordinary talents was to find balls of all shapes and sizes in unusual places. Over the years, she amassed 73 quality balls (and many more rejects). I have stored all these in her beloved toy box and started to visit our old haunts and hide them for others to find.

She also loved to lie in puddles and streams, so I’ve painted very visible orange stones with her name on and placed them in six of her favourite streams. (While walking in the Coneysthorpe, Slingsby, and Hovingham areas—keep your eyes peeled for stones and balls!)

If you’re ever in the Coneysthorpe area, rest a while on Ginny’s bench near the church and remember all the unforgettable companions we love and miss so much. For more information go to

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