Health Matters — Are You Feeling At “Dis-Ease”?

by Jared Smith
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Health Matters offers a wide array of products to improve your health — both physical and mental — this COVID-winter.

Juliette Langton-White, Founder of Health Matters, has 30 years’ experience in various alternative health modalities. And according to Juliette, it has “never” been more important to look after your immune system. After a summer cooped up in our own homes (and, by the looks of things, with a long winter ahead) Juliette says that we may not be getting enough vitamin D, an essential vitamin for immune responses that we get from two main sources: sunlight and food. In agreement with Public Health England, Juliette therefore recommends that everyone takes a daily supplement of vitamin D.

In addition to supplements, Health Matters also offers various organic foods (e.g., nuts, grains, & spices), refillable household products (such as shampoo), CBD oils and balms, eco-friendly gifts and presents — and much more. You can keep up-to-date with what Juliette has in-stock on Facebook:

But that’s not all. In Juliette’s view, Health Matters has a further ethos: to improve health through community, friendship and environment. “I have come to realise that trying to change the world can become a reality by small, individual steps”, she says. “I hope to give our communities the information and awareness to improve not only their own personal health, but also their family’s health and the health of the environment.”

Health Matters, for Juliette, is in this way more than “just a shop”: it is a ticket to a happier, healthier, and more compassionate way of life.

To find out more about Health Matters, call Juliette on 01439 771713; or visit the store at 2a Barkers Yard, Borogate, Helmsley, York, YO62 5DR.


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