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by Handy Mag

with Helena at Maple Tree House

In January 2024, Maple Tree House asked how your New year’s resolutions were progressing.

To share with you the success of Maple Tree House interventions, Helena has the permission of two of her clients to tell their stories after approaching her; a 15 year old and and 83 year old. Both were experiencing anxiety which was negatively impacting on their quality of life. The teenager presented with anxiety around school issues and this was going to impact on their future. Through the 6 sessions of exploring the core of the anxiety during which it became evident that it was impacting on other aspects of life, the final evaluation and their mind set showed a total improvement within all aspects of life and especially the educational aspect.

The 83 year old client initially presented with anxiety which, after exploration, was shown to be deep seated in a traumatic event that happened earlier in their life. They were unaware that they were carrying PSTD and how that had influenced their life choices and quality of life. Again after 6 sessions the evaluation and their mind set indicated the presenting issues had disappeared.

Start that positive change in your life with a free half-hour consultation. Contact Helena ( Based in Ryedale) on 07855 556783 or email contact@mapletreehouse.co.uk today.

Helena specialises in helping individuals of all ages conquer stress, PTSD, phobias, anger, panic attacks, and self-confidence issues in social, educational and work environments.

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