How much is enough?

by Handymag

By Julie Wilson, Chartered Financial Planner at PenLife Associates

Let’s face it- most people have no idea how much money they’re going to need for the rest of their life.

You may have various assets and investments. But do you know the value of these, what they mean, or how they can impact your retirement?

People usually avoid the subject. Maybe they don’t want to think about it. Perhaps, they simply don’t care. They say they’ll “do it later”. But mostly they just don’t know enough about it. But most people in retirement have thought AT LEAST ONCE about whether their money will last as long as they do.

And that’s perfectly normal. But finding the happy medium between ‘What if I run out?’ AND ‘What if I leave too much?’ is complicated. And it means stepping away from the numbers, statistics and speculation. And turning your mind to what you actually want out of life. This could be where you’d like to visit and what you’d like to buy. And how much you’d like to leave to your family.

Everyone has a different number. Different hobbies, ambitions and goals cost different amounts . That’s why planning to suit your individual preferences is so important.

Don’t let financial jargon and confusion stop you from getting what you want out of life. Life isn’t a rehearsal.

Sorting an effective financial plan with one of our qualified advisers could get you the peace of mind. So you can get on with enjoying retirement.

And that new car you were unsure whether to buy? It could be yours!

This FREE book explores how much is ‘Enough’.

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