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Coaching for parents by Emma McClean of Happyfull

All parents have at one thing in common. They want the best for their children, especially in uncertain times. They may all have different definitions of what the best is, but for many it is for them to be keen learners, curious, resilient, able and happy. The difficulty can come in engaging your child successfully in learning and this is where Happyfull can help.

Happyfull is owned by Emma McClean who has over 20 years’ experience working within the field of neuroscience and helping people learn. Now a parent herself, Emma can help other parents gain insight into how to help their children develop a growth mindset, which is vital for a love of learning.

The growth mindset is a scientifically-backed approach that engages children in learning and problem solving. She says “I want children to enjoy learning and reap the rewards it brings, in the form of knowledge and problem solving skills. I believe this is the biggest gift we can give our children.”

Emma’s approach is unique in that she works primarily with parents. Why? Because for her parents have as big a role to play in how a child learns as teachers do. “Teachers do fantastic work within schools, especially in the EYFS and KS1. If this work can be continued and enhanced at home, then ultimately children are the winners” says Emma.

Emma works with parents in various ways, all delivered online. There is one-to-one coaching for the parent who wants to gain a deeper understanding, or has a particular difficulty in their own mindset or child they wish to address. Group coaching is for parents to learn the theory in their own online community and apply it to their situation, with Emma and lots of resources to support them. For those who just wish to explore topics, there are standalone short courses to do at their own pace. Emma even has a facebook group ‘Happyfull’ were you can access free information. The goal is to grow the parents’ own mindset, to help them change their focus so that they can pass the skills on to their child. Thereby helping to inspire their children to become optimistic, resilient, curious, solution orientated and above all, love learning.

Visit to contact Emma for help and more details.

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