Interior Design Trends 2021

by Jared Smith
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by Ali Bates (AL Bates)
COVID-19 has had an effect on so much of our lives in 2020 and the time spent in our homes and our use of them has shifted dramatically. This has led to a certain direction in interior design trends going forwards from 2020 into 2021; some of which are highlighted below.

Use of space

We are trying to make the best use of our space, which for many has included the conflicting needs of home working, home schooling, zoom calls and at times, a gymnasium. We are now seeing a move away from open plan living and the creation of zones within a room and flexible lighting solutions. Spare rooms and outside buildings are also being used to accommodate these needs. Our outside spaces have become extremely important — as anyone trying to get hold of paving, a fire pit or a hot tub over the summer months will know! — and they are no longer being left to a later stage of a renovation project. As we create real living areas in our outside spaces I expect there to become more choice in 2021 in beautiful outdoor furniture and fabrics and rugs suitable for outdoor use.


The choice for the Dulux colour of 2021 is Brave Ground. This is an earthy brown and as such references people’s desire to connect back to nature. As Dulux points out it’s “a versatile shade that lets other colours shine.” There is a move towards warming hues of terracotta, ochre, burnt orange, plum and olive green and away from cool tones. Some forecasters predict Frosty Green and Palace Blue. What all these colours have in common is their reference to nature, the earth, sea and sky, which comfort and cocoon and provide a place of refuge and stability in these uncertain times.

Biophilic design

This is design which reconnects people with nature to promote their well-being and continues to become ever more important and popular. It includes the use of houseplants, fresh and dried flowers, natural materials such as rattan, cork, wood and wool and organic shapes.

Sustainability and eclectic interiors

The desire of consumers for the use of sustainable materials in design is growing as is the interest in using recycled, reclaimed, antique and refurbished pieces. A mix of traditional and contemporary is a style I have always loved.


I think there will be increased interest in bespoke furniture and accessories, coupled with expressive use of pops of colour, wall art and murals to inject personality and individuality into our interiors.

Remember your home is just that, your home, and should be a reflection of your personality, your tastes, your style and your journey. Care should be taken to only use those elements of trends which you really like, particularly with big-budget projects. Cushions and throws can be changed but a kitchen or bathroom needs to last – avocado bathroom suite anybody?!

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